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About Fab and Fair

Beautiful goods sourced with care

Fab and Fair offer a carefully selected range of the very best and award-winning, ethical, fair-trade, eco, green, organic and ‘Made in the UK’, cool fashion, gifts and cosmetics via our ethical online store.

We work in partnership with UK suppliers and importers to ensure that all products offered fit closely within our ethical policy. This is in place to ensure that all the producers of goods we sell have received fair payment for their craftsmanship and labour; that no child exploitation, human trafficking or other exploitative practice is being wholly or partially supported through products in the shop; that the products have been manufactured in an environmentally conscious way or that the manufacture of the products helps support low-employment or under-privileged communities in the UK or other parts of the world.

As for the 700+ products sold in the Fab and Fair shop, we believe fair trade should be the norm, not the exception. Part of our mission is to spread the good news about fair trade, and demonstrate that you can get beautifully made, high-quality, desirable and ethical products at a good price.

Our vision: ethical and charitable

Fab and Fair’s underlying ethos is fair and ethical trade, which we believe helps marginalized producers out of poverty through the development of a sustainable livelihood.

Fab and Fair are distinctive by our offering of both ethical products and charitable donations. Customers are able to select a charity from our approved charity list and Fab and Fair will donate up to 10% of the net (pre VAT) sales on their behalf. 

Absolutely fundamental to our concept is that there is no charge for the provision of this offer to the customer or the charity – we want the funds raised to go straight to the amazing work done by the charity. This is achieved without artificially ‘hiking’ the prices of the products sold – the donation comes out of Fab and Fair’s margin.

Fab and Fair (formerly ethictrade) is the vision of Sian Lilley, mother of four, and a qualified GP. Sian's passion for fair trade ethics and charitable concerns is the driving force behind Fab and Fair.


‘Fab and Fair’ is a shop with an ethical difference and is the new name for Ethictrade from June 2013 we have been a BAFTS* retail member online business since 2011. (*At least 70% of stock is from BAFTS acredited fair trade suppliers based in the UK)