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Fab and Fair's Ethical Policy

Ethical and fair trade

We believe in trading for a fairer world and are committed to providing a high-quality range of products that have been ethically produced and fairly traded. We believe that ethical trade helps marginalized producers out of poverty through the development of sustainable livelihoods. We encourage consumers to be conscientious and vigilant in ensuring that the products they buy have been produced in a morally acceptable way.

When buying from UK wholesalers we ensure that they adhere to our core values. We ensure this through buying from suppliers who are members of The British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS); IFAT; who are SA8000 accredited; through our relationships with the wholesalers; or through buying direct from the producer and paying a fair price for their goods.

For us, ‘ethical trading’ means that:

  • all producers have received fair payment for their craftsmanship and labour;
  • no child exploitation, human trafficking or other exploitative practice is being wholly or partially supported through products we buy;
  • products have been manufactured in an environmentally conscious way; or
  • the manufacture of the products helps support low-employment or under-privileged communities in the UK or other parts of the world.

Suppliers and artisans

To learn more about our carefully selected suppliers, and fair trade producers and the difference that fair trade means for them, their families and commmunity, please see our 'Supplier and Artisan Stories' pages for details on the ethical background of each of our products.